How to add PDFs and icon files to design


I want to add an icon file (for favicon) and some PDF files (for downloads) to my project design. I tried to drag those file to the design area but, it does not add those type of files. It allows only html pages, JavaScript files, css files and image files in design area. So, my question is how can I add icon, pdf and other type of files to my project design? Thank you.

PDF's cannot be added to BSS at this time. You'll need to upload those to your server and then reference them either by absolute URL or by relative URL. Absolute will of course allow you to test them within the browser preview to make sure all works correctly. From there I usually change mine to relative so that after the pages are uploaded they are referencing the location on the server rather than having to load the full URL. Works very well this way, but many of us are also waiting on the ability to add other file types to BSS.

For the favicon, you can upload the icon file to your server also and then in the settings of your site you'll see where you can add code to the Head section. There is where you would add global code for the head such as favicon code.

Click settings at the top left area of the screen, this opens the settings window. Click the Head Content tab Paste your favicon code there (or any other code/etc. that you need to be globally on all pages such as Google Analytics code).

If you find you need to add code to the head of a page (scripts are generally not done this way, they are added to the footer area using Custom Code blocks if you need to have something page specific and "only" on that page) you can do this by right clicking on the page name in the Design Panel and choose Properties. This will open a similar window to the settings window where you can add code to the page header rather than globally.

Hope that helps. :)

Thanks Jo. Surely, It will help. But the ability to create additional folders and add other file types to BSS would be a great help. I hope BSS developers listen to this and add this facility in future version.

You're welcome, and while you're at it, go add your voice to this thread where others have asked for the ability to add other file types and fonts and whatever to BSS as well:

The more people they know are interested in a feature, the better chance we'll have of getting it is my thinking :)

hi, i have uploaded the pdf i need to the server, but when i go to put the link on my site, its a mile long, and there is no way to paste. not that i can find anyway. surely you must be able to copy and paste a link! what am i missing? any help would be appreciated! and yes im a noob, so please make the reply idiot proof! cheers

ctrl+C to copy, and ctrl+v to paste, same as any other program uses for copy and paste.

yeah thats what ive done up until today. after i wrote this i discovered the program is not working correctly, nothing is getting updated or saved, its operating like a read only file. thanks for commenting. any idea how to fix the rotten thing!! i wasted over 4 hours. ive checked permissions, it just wont save or transfer anything. ive written to the devs, cheers, awaiting reply from anyone!

hole E Shift! seriously they can't make it so I can drag and put in pdf's or other files? only Jpg's ??? They need to fix this asap. We paid how much for something that can't even perform the basic functions of free programs???? heck even their free version can upload a simple pdf file.... so dumb.

LOL, dramatic much? :P Seriously though, it's not that big of a deal to reference a PDF with an absolute link. It's not like you aren't uploading it anyways which automatically gives it a link. .... But ... before you get bent out of shape I agree the feature needs to be there, but ...

YOU ONLY PAID $25 FOR THE APP! It's not like you spent $400 like you would for Dreamweaver, or $99 for Pinegrow. It's a pittance for the power it already has. Check it out before you go all crazy about some of the simple things that can easily be worked around. They are aware we want that feature as well as many others.

It's a work always in progress and that's a good thing. Give it a try, see how it works, breathe ... don't forget to do that too lol. It's all good, and I'm sure you'll see that it's a simple work around and that the app is pretty powerful for that pittance you paid them for it. :)

Thanks for the PDF tip. I just bought the $25 version and will upgrade to the $60 caddy when I can get to the bank. I have many questions like the PDF query but have the time to explore the program..over and over and over before asking or searching in this forum. Another one from most of the day today-cold as hell out- so good time for BS work. When using a component with a hypertext arrow triggering a link, I hit it in design mode and it lights up the href# code line. I know the link or file name to put in there, but cant write it in. Where is that inserted in the HTML if not there. Will have more dumb questions for sure. I'm mike old site I'm redesigning is

Hi MTMals

Easiest way is to include the Component "link" into your design.

That with you can change the visibile text like other components.

For the href="[[yourserver://absolute]|[relative]]/path/to/file/yourfile.pdf"]

into Attributes Editor, adding a Line with "+" putting "href" on the left, Target-url on the right and hit enter

The result shoud be taken into html View

If you need to modify something the Attributes Editor does not accept, you may

  • use a "custom code" component in that place
  • convert the above link-component to html and edit it for your need by right clicking in OVERVIEW Pane.

Hope, fills your need


Hello! bootstrap studio is awesome but option to add PDF it will be great please on next versions create this option.

kind regards,


You're kidding right? BSS is probably the least expensive, most powerful and most flexible website builder on the market. You can import jpg, png, gif, svg image formats as well as css, js, and html file formats. The reason you can't import pdfs, videos, etc is because these kinds of files can be tens of megabytes to gigabytes in size. BSS saves your project as a single compressed file which contains all the imported files. The larger the imported files, the longer it would take save (and open) your BSS project. Do you want to wait five minutes every time you go to open your website because you've got a few hundred megabytes of compressed files in it?

It makes far more sense to just upload these files to your server, and then use paths on your links in the BSS program to point to them. Admittedly, it's a bit inconvenient that you can't live preview these files in the program or browser preview, but this is the method the devs chose to use. It's not that big of a limitation.

Regarding favicons, go to the top menu and choose File>Design Settings>Design>Favicons

I would rather see them give us the ability to reference a local file to use as an extension of the files we have imported so we can not only view the pdf/movie/etc. in the preview window, but also to be able to use relative URLs.

That should read as:

...reference a local folder to use as an extension ....

Sorry for that, was late :P

"The reason you can’t import pdfs, videos, etc is because these kinds of files can be tens of megabytes to gigabytes in size". Your argument is void actually. Ruling out the possibility just because files CAN be large is not an acceptable reasoning to me. Technically I can also create image files of the same size (true, doesn't make much sense, but it CAN be done).

Also there are potentially many usecases where adding a small something for download indeed would be really helpful. You would not want to include a full movie there, but you may wanna add a user-manual (PDF) to your product site, or just do such simple things as adding JSON data that you use with your favourite l10n / i18n javascript library. For sure you would want to add translations for your menu-point in the same software where you are adding the actual menu points and not go for an external workflow.

True, all of those are just convenience additions, but specially for text-based formats it totally makes sense to me to allow import + edit inside the builder. The key functionality to import Images or Fonts is existing already. Just a customized folder in the same list would do the trick and leaves the choice to add stuff totally to the user. And yes, if it's the users preference to trade waiting-time for opening a project versus the convenience to have all in one place, that's a decision that a developer must not take on behalf of his customers, if there is a simple option to serve both flavours


So what would stop one from adding a 100mb "user manual?" Or ten such manuals? The .bsdesign file is compressed and decompressed on save-load. The more files you add to your project, the larger the .bsdesign file becomes, and the longer it takes to open and save. I don't want to have to wait 1-2 minutes to open my website project because it has to unzip a bunch of files that are not needed to facilitate the design process. Images yes, because I want to see what they look like on the page. But being able to add text files, PDFs, Word documents, etc... and even videos, is just going to slow down the program. Not to mention how massive the backup folder would become!

It's simple enough to just have a separate folder for these assets that you upload to your server along with the files exported from BSS.

Hence why I suggest to create a connection to a local folder that can be read by the app. This way files can be directly referenced without importing them into the project file itself. This way any videos, PDF's, etc. could be read and viewed in the program "as if" they had been imported, the app would need to read that directory (and any of it's subdirectories) as if it were part of the app's file tree... sort of. Obviously it would need to adjust the locations to understand they are not within the "assets" folder so there is that, but I think that would suffice to give everyone what they need. A way to view the files in the app, a way to easily reference them same as you would files in the app where you can choose that location from the drop-downs etc, choose files from the drop-downs or popups same as the app does for internal files.

I don't see this as a big project really. I see this as a 100% necessity. Just because I've worked around it all this time, does not mean I want to continue to do so.

@Jo Yes, that would be a brilliant solution.