How to add second level in sidebar menu?

I try to add the second level for sidebar menu on the left side (SB Admin theme).
Like this:

How can I do it in BSS?

You can do it with an accordion and a nav(HTML)
Here is an example

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Clever solution

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Was the page moved? Can’t find it anymore…
Or may be there is a new solution for it?

I would guess they consider it deprecated since Bootstrap 5.x handles dropdowns differently than Bootstrap 4.x did, and that old link was to a Bootstrap 4.x design.

You will probably have to build something like this yourself. There are some examples of Bootstrap 5.x multi-level dropdown menus on the web. Shouldn’t be too hard to adapt something like this into a Bootstrap Studio Sidebar

Here is the example again, will be online a week

This is great! I have to do the same menu.
I also see that the menu in XS size (mobile) closed and will be opened with hamburger icon.
Is it possible to get the .bsdesign for this?

I shared a component called accordion sidebar in the online library for you