How to add thid RD-NAVBAR component

I found this rd-navbar which is an awesome navbar and free, how can we add it to our current bsdesign ?


Follow the documentation the author has provided.

This Forum category is for help with using the Bootstrap Studio program, not to teach how to integrate 3rd party scripts into websites.

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The answer is simple - you need to follow the documentation provided by the creator of the script. I gave you the link that contains the information you need. What more is there to say?

This script is not part of Bootstrap Studio. It makes no sense to ask a question about how to use something that isn’t part of the program in a category that exists specifically to provide help with using the program.

Try posting in the Webdesign Help category. Perhaps someone will be willing to spend the time and effort needed to learn about this navbar script, and walk you through the installation.

Please realize that many of us here make our livings building websites. We try to help beginners learn their way around using the Bootstrap Studio program, and provide tips and advice based on our experience with it, but fully explaining how to implement third-party apps, scripts, widgets, etc., is time-consuming and involved. There are thousands and thousands of scripts, widgets, plug-ins, etc. on github and other repositories, and we’re no more familiar with most of them than you are.

So to walk you through how to use it, step-by-step, would basically mean one of us would have to download it, read through the documentation, do a test installation, and then write up a “how-to” guide that you would be able to understand, not having any experience in using JavaScript. This could take hours. Probably longer.

The Bootstrap Studio Help category is for questions like, “how do I set the column width at different breakpoints?” or “where are the settings in the program for the backup feature?”

What you are asking for here is basically a lesson in web development.

Personally I wouldn’t use it, it is around 6 years out of date, and relies on jQuery to run.

You can do everything it does just using standard components and a few lines of css/js in BSS

If what you need is a mega menu, search the online component library for “Ultimate Megamenu Navbar”

It’s a menu component I created last year. No custom code or CSS. It’s fully editable via the Options panel.