How to avoid using CDN?

New user of BS. Nice to work with so I started my first test project using the Clean Sky design as a basis. On exporting I was surprised to see a stylesheet being pulled from a CDN. I understand this is to help reduce page loading time.
However I am making a website with personal medical data and there will be no connection to the external internet. In fact tech support of many companies over here have blocking of external connections as company policy.
What confuses me is that in the BS export settings there is a slider “Use a CDN for libraries” which is “off”, so I wouldn’t expect a link to an external CDN in the exported html.
Question: how do I avoid links to an external CDN altogether without having to fix things manually? Is there perhaps another design theme with BS to start with that has no external links to a CDN?

Unfortunately some functionality which depends on external libraries, like scroll animations, are hardcoded to use CDN libraries. Google Fonts are also linked from Google’s servers, instead of being hosted locally.

If you are developing a website which can’t in any circumstances use a CDN, you can write an export script which modify the HTML and replace these CDN resources with your own local copies automatically.

Thanks Martin for your fast reply.
I’d like to avoid advanced measures like using export script because I’m not an advanced user. However it looks like it’s possible to come a long way by just avoiding certain components like the lightbox and then stay clear from CDN resources. Is there perhaps a list of functions which are hardcoded using CDN libraries? That would save a lot of time figuring it out.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something when the slider “Export Settings>Use a CDN for Libraries” is off. According to the user manual this means the jQuery library, bootstrap framework resources and used icon fonts are included as local files. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?