How to bypass HTML Entity Conversion

Hello! I am a new user to Bootstrap studio and I find it extremely useful.

I am currently using Bootstrap Studio to export out View Templates for an ExpressJS app (specifically using EJS)

With EJS and ExpressJS in Node, I can "render" an HTML page with special markup strings

For example I may have something like this

<form action="<%= DynamicPostURI %>">...</form>

When this page is rendered through ExpressJS, i can substitute information at runtime for that "DynamicPostURI"

This all works great, except Bootstrap Studio converts my markup language symbols into HMTL entities automatically. The vast majority of the time, that's the proper way to handle it, but makes it difficult for me.

I can convert the form element to Custom HTML and edit it there which functions fine. But this removes my ability to then use the handy tree-structure and drag/drop function on complex areas with large hierarchys.

Is there anyway I can have bootstrap studio ignore converting certain fields to using HTML entities in place of the actual symbols?

I can't answer the symbols part, above my head lol, but for the Tree Structure, don't discount the ability to use them with Custom Code boxes as you definitely can. Yes you do need to do the code manually, but you can still use the tree to view all CSS associated with any part of the code in the Custom Code box, and you can do the same in the HTML tree, it does separate it out in both windows. Not a perfect setup, but you do have access to the information gathered in those windows for Custom Code boxes.