How to change color of only one word in heading

This might be a bit of a simple question but I can't seem to find a good way to accomplish this in BSS. I'm trying to change only one word in my H1 heading to a different color, but using a doesn't seem to work for me.

I tried this method:

<h3>A much simpler solution:</h3>
<p> I only want to make only <span style="color:blue">THIS</span>word blue </p>

Does anyone have a good example of how to get this done within BSS within a


h1> tag?


I know you can drag a into a paragraph....there may be better answers if you wait.

Oh...I see I did not read ....looking for the H3.

Change colour of one word

You can also drag the added span over to the left into the heading or paragraph.

Another way (which that video was goofy adding 2 spans) to do this is

Type all the text you want in your heading/paragraph/etc. "EXCEPT" the word(s) you want to be different color/font/etc. 
Make sure the edit mode is still on in your text component (or double click on the text component if you've moved your mouse off already) 
Drag a Span tag to the location you want it inside that text component. It will add the word Text to that location. 
Change the word "Text" that it added, to the word(s) you want to be styled differently. 
Add a class to the Span Tag in the Attributes pane and then create the class in your Custom CSS file and add the style attributes that you want to be different.

That would be more correct than adding 2 spans, there's no need to add a second span just to change the text back to the original styles.

Hope that helps!

Can't seem to fix my post, after editing it a few times it dissappeared .... really bad forums :/

Hi all,

Thank you for the answers and I apologize for my late reply. The solution proposed by @Jo worked great! I do have a followup question though: Does adding a span to an H1 element have any effect on the SEO?

Thanks again!

I would think it would have a "soft impact" increase on the SEO as it would help in decreasing "bounce rate" as soft dry text can make the reader bored and leave the site.

What Twinstream said :P lol

I actually meant something more along the lines of bots still being able to recognize the keywords within the h1 element if they are also within a span element, but you do make a good point @Twinstream!