How to change font colours.

Having bought this without trialling it I'm pretty disappointed to say the least I appear to have only 5 or 6 font colours available how do I change these to custom colours, also no easy way to select a background image long time since I did any web design but this isn't simple drag and drop as advertised.

You can create what ever font colours you want by creating a custom style sheet but you need to brush up on web design as whilst this app is drag and drop it won't do it all for you.

Or alternatively you can change the colours using the themes option on top tool bar where save, open options are located

ok cheers I've been messing about with the custom style sheets struggling to get my head around it, I can create a sheet by copying exiting ones and just changing the html colour code but can't figure out how to actually make that sheet available for use. the themes at the top doesn't really seem to change much.

When you create a custom stylesheet you can overwrite the Boostrap default CSS, say changing the p tag at a global level.

What you can also do is create a new class in CSS and then apply that style by adding your new class to either a section or paragraph of text.

Hello @blogan and welcome to the forums!

As Chris said, for a lot of things in Bootstrap Studio you will need to write CSS. But don't get discouraged - this can potentially be a great learning experience, as you see what your CSS changes do in real time.

In every Bootstrap website (this includes the designs you create in Bootstrap Studio), Bootstrap's stylesheet is applied to your pages. You may need to override some of these styles in order to modify them. We will have video tutorials soon on our website which show you how to do this. You can also search on youtube for Bootstrap Studio - some people have already created good tutorials which you can check out.