How to change hover link color - once link is active - in New Age template?

Newbie to BSS here :)

I'm trying to replace the hover link color. Initial hover link color I've managed to change.

But once a link is clicked and active, the hover link color, for the links reverts back to the default (yellow) of the template.

I've literally overruled all the yellow values I could find by:

  1. Clicking the vertical dots ... the moment I see the yellow value mentioned in the CSS
  2. Clicking Copy to /untitled.css (in order to edit/overrule the template)
  3. Assign new color value

So my question remains:

How to change hover link color in New Age template, once a link is clicked and active?

Example initial hover color changed and shows, but once a link is clicked and active, the hover color goes back to default (yellow) ?

Link to the custom New Age template:!JMgV3SSY!1LnEnEoY0iYNlG-bFq6GXdGIJ0wTpUgBa8S0tRbvxOg

You need to add CSS to specify the active state.

And what specific state would that be?

#mainNav .navbar-nav > li > a:focus:hover, #mainNav .navbar-nav > li > a:hover {
color: #ffffff; } responsible for how it lights up (turns white on the initial hover when page is on top.

But when you clicked such, and therefor page isn't on top anymore/a link got active, it turns yellow. But how would you call this state?

#mainNav.navbar-shrink .navbar-brand:focus,#mainNav.navbar-shrink .navbar-brand:hover {
    color: #fdcc52

#mainNav.navbar-shrink .navbar-nav>li>a:focus:hover,#mainNav.navbar-shrink .navbar-nav>li>a:hover {
    color: #fdcc52


Thanks a bunch! I've been debugging since a day now. Can you tell me how you found out it were these 2 references?

I'm using Inspect > Elements > Styles once site is populated.

Right clicked to inspect the link in Chrome and then turned on toggle element state in styles and then selected hover. Opened Bootstrap.css stylesheet. Copy Paste

As reference for others who are dealing with such state, example here

That :hov (er) Toggle Element State is handy. Learned something new. Thanks again!