how to change media defaults


I'm new to your product, I was wondering how you change the default sizing on the media type. I wanting to change the large viewport to 1400px wide rather than the 1200.


If you can find the default bootstrap media query by searching then you can duplicate the css element and add it to your own style sheet and change the max width of the lg media query to be 1400px which will overwrote the bootstrap default

Yeah I did this and it works fine in the browser, was more an issue in Bootstrap Studios while editing. The visual area in the application doesn't seem to adjust to anything over the standard 1200 x 650 view. I was wondering if there is a way to change this so its possible to see my whole project in Bootstrap Studios.

Here is a screenshot of a container set to 1400px but cannot be fully displayed in Bootstrap Studios

You can see the container has gone off the visible edge, obviously this will cause an issue with any projects I make larger than the standard 1200px wide.

Ahh ok i see what you mean, I don't think it's possibly to edit just now but... when the BSS devs eventually release BS4 this will be available as that has more break points

So for now you will have to continue previewing in a browser