How to change the head content position in the

Hi, I use head content to add google tag manager js in the <head>. After published, the head content is under the external javascript. How can I move the head content as high in the <head>? Thanks in advance.

With a text editor... notepad.

Under the "external javascript? If that's the case, then that's what you have told it to do I would imagine.

If it's external, you need to add it to your head information, and if it's above the google tag mgr that you're trying to get set up, then you need to rearrange them in the head information you added. External JS doesn't get added by BSS, only by you unless it's a CDN which you once again need to rearrange the JS files for to get the right order.

My suggestion would be to use a CDN for the google tag manager instead of head code so you can rearrange it all better.