How to change the name of a page?

I feel really dumb, but I cannot find where to edit the name of a page from the default of untitled.html... please help? The tutorials really don't cover a whole lot.


I have used the software for about 5minutes so I am not an expert but:-

  • in the app you will see a section at the bottom right-hand side called design, go there.
  • in this section you will see a folder called pages, expand that.
  • right click on index.html and the select properties.
  • in the window that is displayed you will see title, it will initially be untitled so change it to what you want.
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I am on a macbook, so normally I control-click to right-click, but nothing happens when I do that in bootstrap :(

Yes that is a known bug that I have on my Mac. Do you have a mouse?

I am also using a Macbook and I find its easier to right-click using two fingers together in the bottom right-hand corner of the touchpad. I thought thats how everyone got a right-click? My OS is a standard install so I have not configured anything different out of the box.

Oh thanks! That works. I've always just done command click, and it's always pulled up more options in every other context.

Thanks for you post on how to change the 'Title' of the page.