How to change title on my website

Hey, I need help, I created my new website via Boostrap studio and I have problem everything works, but althought I change my title in settting —> design ----> SEO so still in html code I have previous name of the title.

Please can you help me how to change it??

Thank you.
Your sincerly.

In the Design panel right click on the page and select properties, you can set the title and other seo properties there

Thanks. It works.:white_check_mark: But the name doesn’t change when my browser finds the page. The page name only changed when I had the page open

It could be in your cache, maybe refresh the page to see if it changes

Yeah I tried it, but Its not working. Maybe I have to remove site from broswer and after that add new the same site or I already dont know.

Clear your browser cache, that is usually the problem, and if it still isn’t then try restarting your computer and see if it works then.

Thank you for your message. I did this already less 100, but no change.:joy: I don ´t know where is mistake. I have actual version Boostrap studio, in this will not problem.

What do you mean by “the name doesn’t change when my browser finds the page”? Where do you look in your browser (and what browser) to see the page title?

When you load the page in your browser, then look at the source, what value do you read between <­­title­> and ­<­/title­>­ in the ­<­head­>­ section of the HTML file?

Also, to be sure not to use the cache, you have an option in the developer tools (e.g. in Chrome, type F12, then go to “Network” tab and check the “Disable cache” box ; it will remain disabled while the devtools are open.

@elroot You see the page title on the Browser’s tab, and no where else other than the source code that I’m aware of.

@Master Without seeing your site it’s kind of hard to figure out how to help. Upload your site and give us a link and I’m sure we’ll be able to help you locate the problem.

@jo-r It depends on the browser. In Waterfox and Firefox for example, you have it too in the title bar (since there’s one)… My question was not for me (I’m a senior dev ; say since 1987), but for Master (the OP): I wondered if he talked about the title we think about or another one (for example, the one in meta for the social media or, maybe, the one displayed in any SE if his site was already indexed – he said “my browser finds”).

Thank you for your reply’s. Let me explaine it. I create my own website in Boostrap studio and after that I published them, but problem was with title. The title didn’t change, so I wrote here and I got answered for this problem, it’s worked until I look in Google search where the title didn’t change, but on the browser tab it was changed, so on……but after few hours in the title changed also in browser search so everything is done

This program is new for me, so I was little confuse.

Thanks for all answers

@elroot Yeah I think a few things got lost in a bit of translation. But …

@Master Glad you got it worked out, enjoy the app!

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@Master Well, so your “find” was about Google… Well, Google shows you what they indexed, they don’t browse your site every time someone launches a search request. By the way, it’s possible it doesn’t reflect your new site instantly, but it’s completely independent of BSS and anything else you can do in your pages.