How to connect publish with sftp

i am trying to connect my bbs site with publish sftp to hostinger?
How do I have to configure publish sftp?
If someone can clear me up, I’d appreciate it.

On hostinger you need the premium plan or higher. In the hpanel go to advanced and create an SSH link. Don’t forget to activate the link.
Copy and paste the needed fields from the hpanel and paste them into the BSS setting for sftp

your directory will look something like this

Thank you very much for answering me, look that I have tried in every way, it could be that I am wrong.
If I have premium in hostiger .
I send you the config that hostinger gives me
and of course I have the FTP password or not?

In your directory field you have /public.html it should be /public_html

My fault, save I have it fixed (public_html), but it still doesn’t work

See that I can connect without problem to hostinger’s hpanel with
ssh -p 65002 … from the console or I have no problem connecting with Cyberduck from mac os or others

in the host field try with or

it doesn’t work either
I think it will be a bbs update failure
I have 6.0.1

sucess already works for me with the ip of the ftp not of the ssh!
here I don’t understand why
ok thank you very much for helping me solve it