How to connect Reflow HQ to my custom made E-commerce Store Design

What are the steps required to integrate Reflow HQ with a custom-made e-commerce store design, and what factors should be considered during the process?

Additional Question:

Can we integrate the BSS website into a database?

Because I want to add a login page for my customers.

There’s no way to incorporate logins/user accounts using BSS’s free hosting. Their server is not accessible to users (other than uploading your websites,) and there’s no support for databases or server-side programming languages in this software.

I haven’t personally used the Reflow components yet, but as I understand it, the free e-commerce that is included with BSS’s hosting is limited in scope. I don’t know if logins/user accounts are something the developers have considered, but I highly doubt it, because then they would have to be responsible for the security and storage of all the data.

You can, of course, build a Bootstrap-based website with Bootstrap Studio, export the code, and then get your own hosting that supports databases and backend languages, and go from there.

Integrating reflow with an existing design is quite straightforward.

It also offers user accounts via google/facebook/github/twitter authentication. I believe that they are also working on email registration and previous order storage for a future release.