How to create a blog using BSS

Is it possible to create a blog using BBS? if so, can anyone explain how to do this or please suggest a tutorial on the subject. Thanks.

If you want to create a simple HTML blog then it is possible to do.

However if you want to use php to control blog post then no you won't as it won't be easy and you won't be able to preview your posts given this app doesn't support php.

Using a blogging platform like WordPress / drupal etc it will be easier to control your blog.

But I can create a simple HTML blog with a simple CMS to include text and images?

Yes you could easily do that with this app, if you see there is a simple blog template that BSS supply when you create a new design. It's a page template that you can use as a baseline and then tweak the look and feel.

Each new blog post could be a block of HTML and will show at top of your posts page - and if you wanted to link to full pages for posts to do detailed blogs you just need to figure out your workflow and create a new page for each post

That's how I would start off. Does that make sense?

If you know how to implement it, then yes of course you can. BSS is just a tool, you can add anything you want to your website with it. Limitations are mostly with things that deal with languages like PHP where, although you can use it, you just can't see it without uploading it all to view it first. Other than that, pretty much anything goes.

Thank you guys.

@Chris Hackwood: Yes, it's make sense. But in this case I will need always use the BBS to create a new post, right? I would like to use a CMS to let my client edit it and include new posts. For example, the Blocs program allow that I use the Pulse CMS for this. I know the BBS is much more complete than Blocs, so I think that the BBS should be allow this feature too or something similar.

@Jo: Ok. I got it.

I think that is important to see some examples and tutorials about this questions I have. I believe there are a lot of people with the same questions and it would really help us. Now, for example, I intend to ask in the forum how to use a parallax image in some places of the background and I think it is a common question. Would you help me with this?

Hi I'd love to see a video on this as well (as well as other practical guides - the vids for BSS are ancient). Any progress since 2.5 years back?