How to create a clickable link to a new page and where are the help pdf docs?

I bought Bootstrap Studio a while ago but never really used it. There wasn't enough in depth documentation for me. I noticed the update. I decided to give it another try. I had hoped that there would be more complete documentation somewhere, but I can't find a pdf help file anywhere on the site. I've watched the cursory video and also read the starter area. I need more. Is there any full help documentation available yet?

As I've worked a little with Bootstrap Studio today, I can't figure out how to do a simple link button to take me to a new page. I have a button on one page. I want to add a button click-touch event that takes me to the second page. Does this have to be done in javascript or am I missing something obvious? I see a traditional link element, but nothing else. I am looking for an animated button link.

Maybe I'm expecting more out of BSS than it is meant to do without coding.

Thanks for the help.


You may add an "target=" tag in html by adding it using Attributes-Editor

html - target on

else you might use otheer solutions, e.g. javascript - thatfor and other needs you find a lot documentation using your g* friend...


You're over complicating it lol. Drag the button from the Controls section of the components list. Then, drag a Link component from the same Controls section of the list and drop it right on the Button in the Overview pane (bottom left). Now double click the word Button in the Preview window and delete that text leaving only the Link text.

You now have a button with a link. Edit the link settings and the button settings and you're all set.

HI @Jo, could you help me with the steps that you're providing. I'm not understanding exactly the instructions that you're providing, I'm new to Bootstrap Studio. I believe that it could solve my problem though. Is there a way to direct message you here?

There are no direct messages on the forums, sorry.

What part of the information is it not clear on? If I know where you're stuck I can help better. Everything you need for making links, button links, etc. is all in the Components list and all you need to do is drag them to the location in the Overview Pane that you want them to be. You can drag them directly to the Preview window as well, but you have more control if you do it in the Overview panel.

From there you then click on the link in the Overview tree and then enter the link information in the Options pane. Not much else to it. Let me know if that helps or where you're stuck and I'll try to clarify it better.

As a beginner, I would recommend you watch and follow the Tutorials. They helped me a lot in the beginning. Also, you should definitely having a working understanding of CSS and HTML if you want to really be able to take advantage of all the BSS offers.