How to create like this feature

I need some help what do you call this feature on the image below. There’s a paragraph link and when you do a mouse over there is sticky note pop up. Sometimes they use this on the menu selection when your mouse over the menu link another menu will dropdown.

Thank you.
Jose M.

The simplest version of this kind of effect is known as a title attribute. You would add it through the Attributes section of the HTML panel by writing “title” in the Key field, and then your text in the Value field. However, all this will do is show a box with the text when you hover over it.

Bootstrap has an enhanced version of this feature known as the Tooltip, which you will find in the options panel. You can enable tooltips on any component, set its position, and the text you want displayed. Bootstrap Tooltips use CSS and Javascript, so they have more options available than simple title tags.

The effect on Wikipedia is (I believe) called a “hovercard” and I think this is what you’re looking for…

Thank you so much. This is perfect! :+1:

here is a simple version