How to create TOP BAR

I would like to create a fixed top bar on my website.

When accessing from the desktop, it should look like this:

When accessing by mobile phone it should look like this:

Can someone help me?

Hiya skym4n,

Do you plan to add navigation (menu) items to the bar too? If so you can do this by adding a Navigation component. If not you can probably add the Navigation component and alter the contents of the bar that way by removing the links and adding what you want to it. I believe I've seen a few Online Components in the app that have a dark bar like that that you can probably use as a base to start with. I believe when you first add the Navigation bars, they come default with social networking icons in them that can be altered to your needs.

I would do this by creating 2 divs. 1 for lg, md and small break points that is coded to look like screenshot 1. Then the other for the xs break point.

Once both components are created I would set the xs div block to be hidden when lg, md and small are used. Then only visible on xs.

And vice versa, hide the large screen content on xs but show for all the rest.

But as jo says does this need to form part of your nav or not?


I need to create a topbar like this, I can not find any audio element in BootStrap.</h2>

Another problem, is that in certain parts of css I can not edit in bootstrap studio, what's the reason?

The default bootstrap css is locked down but if you create your own style sheet you can basically overwrite the defaults.

If you can't see an audio component it's because there isn't one so you will have to create a custom code component.

I need a nav bar that has links on the left and right. How do I code it? I need Home Members Employers Agents Providers on the left and Help Contact Us on the right with a space in the center.

Hiya Sheuerman,

Check through the Components (can't recall if it's the included ones with the app in the UI section or if it was in the Online ones, but there is one that is already in there somewhere. Just do a search for Nav in both places, and it should be in that list.

Thank you Jo!