How to create visual dashboard for bootstrap website

Hello, Is there a way to connect portfolio website to the visual dashboard (similar to WordPress), where you can visually add a new project to your portfolio?

That is something you will have to work out with scripts and such. Bootstrap Studio just makes the websites, not the connections. People here will help with that part and sometimes a little more, but I doubt anyone will want to delve that deep into it in here as it's not a Bootstrap Studio or Bootstrap feature or issue.

I would suggest if you're trying to mimic Wordpress, just go use it :P

I have a website created on WordPress and I do not like it, it is too slow and chunky. Too many unnecessary things. The situation is that I am creating e-shop for my wife and I am thinking how to set up a dashboard so she could add a new listing without programming knowledge. I do not need the whole functionality of the WordPress dashboard, only to add a new listing function in a visual way.

@backcitylife You will have to learn some back-end or find some back-endish tools. Bootstrap Studio is just a tool for Bootstrap framework and front-end part. I'm also not sure if i understood you correctly lol or maybe you meant just some things which you can add to the website by drag and drop, anyways its not the "thing" which you're looking for when it comes for BSS.

I understand how BSS works, and I believe you understood me correctly. The question would be is it possible to create front-end part with BSS, then export website, implement back-end part and return to BSS. I want to return in the case for future changes of the front-end implementation.

The returning to BSS is where the issue will be. Once you change anything outside of BSS, it cannot be imported back in other than to import a page as a full Custom Code block which would pretty much negate anything you could do with the features of the app as you'd have to edit it all manually in the code window.

The only thing you could do is get the front end how you want it before exporting and then do your updates and changes from there, knowing you won't be able to port it back into BSS. It's unfortunate, but it's how it is set up with the proprietary project files. People have tried cracking them to import things, but so far no one has done this successfully that I am aware of.

Now there might be a way to reference external components, but I'm not sure how that would work or how secure it would be for a store. Truly, as horrible as Wordpress is (and I feel your pain there), you would be more secure doing it that way than trying to do this I think. Since they already have built in the security etc. that's one major step you won't have to do yourself.

@Jo Thanks for the honest replay :)