How to do Button as Block in BSS

hello, new to BSS and CSS, bootstrap. I am trying to make my Button span the entire column with. In previous BSS it had a ‘Block’ setting for buttons… but in this newest version i dont see it I assume since its now using Bootstrap 5 (my project)…

how can i make my button span width of column as ‘Block’, where is the setting? or what do i add to the .mybutton{


add the class w-100 on the button

can you be more specific… so in BSS
class w-100;

No w-100 is already a class, so you would add the w-100 in your buttons classes.

If you were to create your own class just add width:100%

added width:100%; and it worked, thanks

Or select the button, go to option panel, change it to link, and display to block.

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 17.49.55
Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 17.50.17

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Simplest way is to use Bootstrap’s utility class w-100

Just select the button and add the class via the Attributes panel.


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