How to drag and drop Row element ?

Hello I can drag and drop from Studio Panel to Overvew Panel only basic Row component, but not the others one (1 Row 1 Column ... 2 Rows 1 + 4 Columns) I am using BS 5.4.1 Thanks Fransua

I have no problems dragging any of the Structure components on to a blank page.

Are you trying to drag the Structure Blocks INTO some other component, like a container or row? Because that will not work. When you try to drag something into something that's not permitted, you should see the component in the Overview panel get a red outline around it. This indicates what you're trying to do is not possible.

The pre-made blocks in the Studio > Structure section are meant to be dragged directly on to the Body ONLY. The "Block" component is not a true Bootstrap component, but rather something unique to Bootstrap Studio (kind of like a specially named Div) so they can have pre-made page structures that are easy to quickly add. If you expand the "Block" in the Overview panel, you will see it contains an ordinary Bootstrap Container, which you can drag outside of the "Block" and it will display just the same. Then you'll have more freedom.

Blocks are basically shortcuts for people who don't want to go through the process of building their page structure manually. I personally never use them. I find it easier to just add Containers, Rows and Columns as I see fit.

You need to spend some time reading the tutorials and watching the videos.