How to Export Code?

Hello! I'm very much a newbie to Bootstrap Studio. I work in an educational environment that uses Blackboard to communicate to the instructors. My hopes were to use Bootstrap Studio to create HTML beautiful pages to use in Blackboard.

I've been using BeePro to do this and they have an export feature that opens up into a web browser page. I will right-click on the webpage and select view source, then I'll copy the source and paste it into the HTML box in Blackboard and it renders beautifully.

I created a test page and exported it but when I open the HTML index file, view and copy the source and paste it into the HTML box in Blackboard I'm only getting the text. Nothing is laying out like it does when I view the HTML index file in a browser. Is this because it has to be published? If yes, is there a way to publish so it is not public?

I would be most grateful if anyone could assist.


I hope I did understand you right...

You want to create a Design for Beepro in Bootstrapstudio...

That might not work, because Bee is an e-Mail Template Generator.

And e-Mails do not show the Bootstrap-Framework. The design in e-Mail is still with tables an inline-CSS. Bootstapstudio creates an extern CSS-file.

Hi Frank,

I apologize for not communicating clearly. I'm actually using BeePro now to create content. They offer an export feature. When I export it opens up a web browser and I copy the source code from the web page. I then go to Blackboard and paste the source code into their HTML box and upload. The content looks just like it does on the web page.

I would like to use Bootstrap Studio instead of BeePro, I find it more user-friendly. My problem is when I export the content there are many files that are created. I selected the index file and it opens a web page, but when I copy the source code and paste it into Blackboard all I get is the text, nothing is formatted like it is when I preview in Bootstrap Studio.

Does this make any better sense, sorry I'm not very good at this?


You cannot add code from a website to something that will display an actual page unless you are able to utilize the rest of the files of the entire website. Styling of a page results by the use of the CSS files, JS files and default Bootstrap files. there is no way to do what you're trying to do with a "web page".

Having said that, before you think I'm crazy lol, I'm going to guess that because you're using an email coding software, the reason it's working for those pages is because there is no CSS involved in most email pages. CSS has not been integrated into most email setups as of yet, so all of the styling code is actually added to the page itself and not an external CSS file. That's why your pages that you have copied that you made within BeePro have rendered correctly when you put the code into a page.

When you do the same for a real website rather than an email, there are a lot of files involved to make that website display how it should. You cannot just copy the code of a page and expect it will render correctly without it having the ability to access the supporting files it needs.

Hopefully that makes sense? :)

Hi DefinedDesign

This is a very specific question to the Blackboard Editor.

As I shortly read in the instructions, it mainly should work as the need files

<script src="assets/js/jquery.min.js"> </script><br /> <script src="assets/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js"<>/script>

is usually included in the index.html for the given design.

But it's depending on Blackboard Editor if they are loaded or if you have to upload a copy onto the server or elsehow it has to be activated.

Refer to the Blackboard Editor Help

or your instructor.