How to export design to a new pc

Hello, I installed bootstrap on a new laptop and I not able to import my design from my old laptop! How is this done? I tryed exporting and then open it in my new laptop and the design is all incomplete…

I’m not sure why you have this problem, but I just copy the whole folder where I have my projects to another PC. Simple as that, I think it can’t be easier.

hello, can you be so kind as to show me what you did it? Thank you

Not sure how to show you. My projects are in the folder D:\Projects. You can copy this folder to a USB drive and then transfer it from the USB drive to the disk of another PC.

All you need to do is copy the .bsdesign file from your old computer to the new computer and then open it. It will include all the js css and images, no need to copy anything else

Hello, thank you but can’t seem to locate .bsdesign on my old computer…

You have already said that you have tried exporting it, so it must be on your computer.

If you hover over the tab in BSS then it should give your the file location:


Thank You! for being so patience. have a great day!

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