how to export page end inport in wordpres

BTS is no Template-Maker. It creates standalone websites.

For Wordpress Templates you have to look at Wordpress pages e.g.

I do not know if I understood well, that you can now this page I've made a set on the net in a web hosting or whatever. would be grateful if you can help me thanks in advance

So what exactly do you need??

Do you need a webhosting? Or do you only have problems to export your Bootstrapstudio (BTS) Website to your webhoster?

BTS an Wordpress are two different parts!!

You need an complete working website with sample data, and THEN you can make a Wordpress Theme out of it. There are lot of tutorials on the web how to create a Wordpress Theme.

You should know basics in PHP an HTML, otherwise it will be not easy for you

I thought that with this program can make a page and put it up in wordpress, so I want to charter a webhosting now I want to know if I can put this page to the web hosting and whether it will work

BTS is a program that uses the Framework Bootstrap to create a complete new website. Wordpress is an Content-Management-System (CMS) that uses templates and a database to fill in the website.

With BTS you can make that templates. but only the design, not the function.

And of course you can use the BTS website directly on a webhosting. There for is the "Export".

An if you want to see quickly a real website -> use the "Publish" Button for testing

well i am currently make page and now I export to a folder on the desktop, so I do with these files that I got I put them all together on web hosting and cells will be such as to bootstrap studio.

I suggest that you spend time researching how to convert a HTML page into a theme.

I am also doing this as and where I can but it requires lots of work after your export a BSS design and I've barely scratched the surface.

Wordpress uses php, this app currently doesn't (unless you use custom code but that still won't help as php is not supported here, yet....)

You tube is a good place to start researching how to convert HTML into Wordpress theme ?

I'm really sorry, Gets page now bootstrap studio that when the export and then I get a folder with a page if the sides can put on the net that does not change in any other program, and that the Akva put somewhere on the web hosting. I thank in advance

These two video series are pretty helpful to me:

Simple Bootstrap to WordPress Conversion Shows you the basics using a single page design

Advanced Bootstrap to WordPress Shows more advanced stuff and multiple pages.