How to export the html pages with the CSS, JS and other components to one code?

Hello, just want to ask how to export the html pages with the CSS, JS and other components in it already and not as links in the assets folders? TIA!

It's not possible. That is how the program exports websites. It's also best practice for building websites. Not sure why you'd want everything to be in the HTML files. The HTML file would end up loading very slowly, and you'd have to have all the CSS and JS on every page of your site, which makes no sense.

Wow, all I can say is wow lol. @Zaldy08, you best go get some information on how websites are designed before you start working on them.

Thanks for the reply guys, I want to do this because we have our own system and there is a place where I can create custom pages and I can paste the html code there. But if the CSS, JS is in another place, I still need a hosting to upload the files and link it. And I just need one page like a landing page only. Anyway, if not possible no problem. Thanks.

You can always edit the exported HTML outside of BSS. Copy the bootstrap.min.css and the .js files and place them on the page by hand. It's cumbersome but in theory it would work. If the page is simple, I'd probably run the finished product through a CSS cleaner to remove all the unused classes, since the stock Bootstrap framework is pretty bloated. It's an unconventional way of making a page, but I suppose it could work if it's just a one-off landing page. Seems like you might have bought the wrong program for your needs.

Thanks Printninja, maybe we'll just use the iframe option in our system to display the site. But I also tried that before but you're right it is cumbersome. But I really like BSS for making websites. Thanks again.

If you're making a lot of websites, why not just buy some webhosting and do it right? You can a shared server for about $5 a month.