How to filter a json catalog into dropdowns?

I have written a catalog of pdf documents for an on-line reference library. This library is continually being updated and extended, and the json fits this requirements exactly – it is easy to maintain, and downloads into a responsive grid.
The library is contained in a json file, with this structure:
“documents”: [
{“title”: “A Brief History of Microcomputers”,
“url”: “BriefHistoryMicrocomputers.pdf”,
“tip”: “Where did my PC come from?”},

{“title”: “Computer Terms”,
“url”: “Computer Terms.pdf”,
“tip”: “Basic computer terminology”},

{“title”: “Flash Drives”,
“url”: “FlashDrives.pdf”,
“tip”: “External storage devices”},

{“title”: “What am I looking at?”,
“url”: “Windows-etc.pdf”,
“tip”: “How to know what is on your screen”},

etc …

This yields a formatted output like this, with the title displayed in an unstyled list, each with a tooltip and the relevant URL for the document:

As the list of documents gets bigger (it has over 70 titles already), it has become apparent that I need to filter the document into categories first, and then present a list of associated articles either as a dropdown, accordion or shortened list.

I have used the filterizr plug-in before to select specific items, but it is limited to images (a pity, because it works very well). The best feature of filterizr (in this context) is its ability to assign each item to one or more data-categories.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received!
Ron Berry

If you add a property category to your json objects like this

	"title": "A Brief History of Microcomputers",
	"url": "assets/documents/BriefHistoryMicrocomputers.pdf",
	"tip": "Where did my PC come from?",
	"category": "microcomputers"

then it’s easy to filter your json catalog into a dropdown like this

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Hi @kuligaposten. Thank you very much for pointing me towards json-catalog. I did not know about this function, but I guess it is one of the first things that one wants to do with a long list of json data.
I am now working on how to get multiple objects into various json-catalog functions, and how to work with json schemas.
Kind regards