How to force a CR (br) in a paragraph element?

Hello, Is it possible to add a forced carriage return (<br />) when writing text in a paragraph type element? I couldn't find how. I tried shift-Enter as it's usually done in word processors with no success.

Thanks, Luc

The idea of bootstrap studio is to drag and drop paragraphs of text in and let the CSS space out the text which is why you cannot add a br when editing text.

However what you can do to overcome this is by creating your own br component.

To do this:

  1. simply drag a custom code component into your design
  2. Double click it to activate custom code editor and then add you br tag.
  3. Then once done, right click the component in the design panel on left hand side and add this to your component library so you can use over and over again. ( this can be dragged and dropped into your p tags )

This solution works, but I think BSS should provide a built-in br component in the Misc section, so we don't have to clutter up our User components section. br is one of the most basic tags and I've never before encountered an HTML editor that didn't support it out-of-the-box.