How to format a hyperlink? (no underline and by state)

Hi. Searching here and on Google/Youtube has surprisingly come up blank.

How do we format a hyperlink? (no underline and by state). Manually in the CSS?

Thank you.

Iā€™d start by learning CSS.


When you are finished with the w3school take a look here

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Thanks, I was actually mainly wanting to know if we did via the UI controls or as a manually written out style. I guess manual. Cheers.

Welcome back @MrGreggles . You can do it either way really, but doing so via CSS would be more beneficial so you can reuse the setting easier or edit it easier.

You can actually use the UI controls to create a CSS rule as well. I would suggest maybe checking out the Docs to get more familiar with the app and that might help with decisions like this.

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