How to generate Nav with hamburger menu?

I expected the Nav component to have an Option to generate a hamburger menu and action for small breakpoints, but I can't find it.

Experimenting seems to show that a default Nav prevents Firefox from having a narrow width. I'm puzzled. I've been studying Bootstrap, but haven't finished yet, so I haven't read the BSS documentation yet. Any hints?

Depends on where you got the Nav from David, did you drag a UI component into your project or something from the Online Components? Usually they are already built in and set up and should work out of the box mostly. Sometimes you may need to adjust the breakpoint which is a setting in the Options pane for them as long as it's not a Custom Code block Nav. IF the Nav is custom code, then no you won't find any settings at all and should find one that isn't custom code and work with it. I guess to help further we'd need to know which Nav you are using? If it's part of a template you started with, which template is it?

Jo, This is the BSS forum, so of course I got the Nav from BSS, where it is a Bootstrap component called Nav. It doesn't seem to support hamburger menus. Have you experimented for yourself so that you can authoritatively say I am wrong, or do you just like to play Devil's Advocate and raise lots of issues hoping that one will hit? If you are going to post about an issue, please try it out yourself before you start in on complaining.

David2 - did you drag in the official navbar component that is native to BSS and has the inline contextual options to add/remove items or have you looked at the online component library? As it can be littered with junk that’s been copied and pasted from other sources Which would be included as custom code in your design?

jo isn’t trying to play devils advocate so try not to be so sensitive when asking for help as her reply is accurate imo.

It is also best if you can try and supply a screenshot or an extract of your code and members can help try and debug

Step 1 is to type in nav so as to find the nav component: Step 2 is to drag the nav component to the design Step 3 is to look at the options

I can't find any easy way to upload my screenshots into the above diagram.

All I can do is repeat what I've already said.

Try searching for “navbar” as that is a component that normally would sit at the top and when you change to a small break point you will see the hamburger

Sounds like you are using the Nav component, and not the Navbar component. The Nav component has no options for a hamburger menu. The Navbar component allows you to select at what size the bar is "expanded."


Sorry if my post was taken the wrong way, Chris is correct, I was just trying to determine if it came from the default components of from the online components or if it was something you had added in manually yourself. I ask only because I tend to bring mine in as custom code because they can do more ... well I did until someone in the forums so graciously uploaded a nicely done one that I may use in my next project does happy dance lol. Anyways, it wasn't meant as anything sarcastic at all, sorry if you took it that way David.

@Jo What was the name of the nicely done navigation that was graciously uploaded (if you don't mind sharing your secret sauce) :wink:

It is called "Navbar with dropdownmenu" by kuligaposten, but I just looked for it on the online list and it looks like he may have removed it. I downloaded it when he shared it in a post for me here: not sure if I should upload it or not since it's not mine? Maybe he'll see this post and reupload it again.


It's okay. After reading the other thread, it's probably not something I'd ever use.