How to import custom format asset to BSS?

Hi all, I’m trying to use BSS to design a page with some WebGL content, some of that asset is in glTF format. Now I only can embed an iframe into the main page to organize the layout. But it’s not efficient and also has some interactive issues when previewing on the local network. Is there any possibility to import this kind of asset into BSS? Or does anyone knows how to import custom format assets to BSS?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to upload arbitrary files in Bootstrap Studio. The way to use such assets is to upload them to a CDN or a regular hosting provider and link them via URL.

Hi Martin. Thanks for the reply.

That’s what I did before, upload assets to CDN or own server then use URL in the page, but it causes some interaction issues like CORS and also not being able to preview on the local network directly. I know if I host the website myself, there will be no problem. I am just exploring different possibilities of Bootstrap Studio.

Like many website creators, I host on if the project is in the design process. Then move to other platforms when it’s done. I wonder is it possible to have a feature like use these unsupported assets only on local but to disable the option when hosting on It will easily solve this need, and make the BSS even powerful.

Anyway, Bootstrap Studio is quite useful and outstanding. Thank you guys to create such a powerful tool.