How to import external templates in BBS

Hello, how to import external templates in BSS, i buy templates in and can be imported in BSS ? Thanks.

You can't seamlessly import complete website templates into Bootstrap Studio in such a way that they will be editable by the program's visual controls.

What you can do is import the template's css stylesheets and .js files, and then import the HTML pages which will be converted into custom code components. But custom code components can only be edited by changing the code, not via the program's visual controls.

The alternative is to import the css and .js files, and then rebuild the layout using Bootstrap Studios components. It is a limitation of the program that isn't clearly explained on their homepage.

The only program I'm aware of that can import third-party website templates and still allow full editing via the program's visual tools is Pinegrow.

Thanks, test Pinegrow and its work fine...WOW, when this function its posible in BSS

when this function its posible in BSS

Probably never. The two programs take fundamentally different approaches to how they open, create and save files. For BSS to do what Pinegrow does would necessitate a ground-up reworking of the program, and would probably increase the cost considerably.