How to import folder of css in Bootstrapstudio?

I can drag n drop css file but not in the folder. The software should be possible to import folder of css

THank you

I would have to agree with you there scripzero, but all is not lost, it's pretty easy to manipulate them once you realize the tricks. BSS does allow for multiple selection of files so what I tend to do is drag all the images or js or css or whatever to the app (preferably one type at a time so you don't have to weed through them and pick and choose) then create the directory I want them in if there needs to be one created. Then from there just hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and click the top file in the list and then click the last one. That will highlight all of the items from start to end of where you clicked. Now right click over any of the highlighted ones and move them as you normally would, only now it moves all of them at once.

Not a perfect situation, but a whole lot more doable than it was a year ago when we had to do them all one by one lol. Hopefully a future build will give us drag and drop capabilities for organizing, but at least this works pretty good so far. :)

This is what I was doing yesterday, but the current project has too many files and folders. I'll probably just host them externally so I can keep the folder/file structure and not spend all day on this.

@JeffM: Up to you, but seems to me it would be a whole lot easier to import them than it would be to have to manage all those external links hosted on the server. Keep in mind that files/pages/etc. hosted on the server will not show up or be useable for testing within BSS unless you use Absolute URL's so be sure you do that for every file you host externally. Hence why I say it's better to import them if you can. It may "seem" like a lot of work, but it's no more than just doing it a folder at a time not a file at a time. If you have that many files and folders that it seems that daunting of a project, you may want to consider consolidating your site some unless you're running some industrial type site of course which can become huge sites.

Anyways, good luck with it and happy linking whichever way you go!