How to import & organize existing site - WTF file structure?!

I just bought this tool and I’m trying to import an existing website that’s organized how I want it to be. The first thing I noticed is that everything must be imported folder by folder (dump all images into IMAGES folder, dump all html into HTML etc). But my index.html page sits on the top level, not in a PAGES type folder. If it doesn’t, none of the links work. I’ve seen this asked about back to 2016 and no one has responded or improved the program. How am I supposed to import a site? How do I structure links if they don’t match reality? This seems absurd.

First off, you are going about this completely the wrong way. BSS is not the tool you want to import a full website into, it’s not really made for that. You “can”, but it’s not gonna be easy nor will you enjoy working with it as it will be a full coding only setup, no drag and drop when you use imported HTML pages or Custom Code blocks.

So, if you want to get the most out of this app, you will be recreating your website within the app.

You “CAN” however, import all your JS, JSON, CSS and Images into the app. It’s not as difficult as you make it out to be, and yes it has been answered, by myself and many others on many different threads… You make folders in the images section to mimic the folders you use now. Then you can drag all your images directly to the folders. Rinse and repeat for the other file types. You dont’ have to drag them all into the main directory and then start sorting, … that WOULD be absurd lol.

Now I know you don’t want to hear that your site must be recreated, especially if you have a lot of pages, but that is the only way you will want to use this app. It truly is a great app, one of the best I have ever used, but it does have it’s downfall in it’s inability to really import websites.

Now if after this post you are still steaming and not want to use this app, if you just purchased it you can probably get a refund by contacting support.

From there the only suggestion I can make would be to try Pinegrow app. It can do what you are wanting to do as long as you have good code skills too (which you’d want to have with this app as well). It has a steep learning curve but it’s a pretty good alternative to this app if you’re really that unhappy about your purchase.

Good Luck in whatever you decide!


They were very kind and I woke up to a refund this morning. It does seem like a great app for building from scratch, but the complexities of bringing one in made this not the best app for what I need. I’ll look at Pinegrow or possibly go back to VS Code. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use those two together also if you desire. They have extensions for a few editors.

Basically what @jo-r said.

How embarrassing that the devs would rather issue refunds than simply change the description on their homepage to read how website import is limited to CSS and JS, and that HTML only imports as editable custom code blocks that cannot be manipulated via the visual UI.

Truth in advertising is a cornerstone to trust, which leads to business success. Just my opinion.

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