How to inform search engines about a landing page?

Is there any way to inform search engines that certain pages on the site are landing pages?
If yes, how?

You’re interested in SEO practices.

Here you go, this might help buddy.

Thanks for the help, I do it this way, but when launching several landing pages I realize that Google ignores some, accuses them of being copies. I still haven’t found a way to tell Google that that page is a landing page and not copies of pages. After a lot of work, edits, indexing request I have 79 pages out of the 84 on the site, I’ll try to index the 84. Thanks for the information.

Yes, I understand your issue. Google dislikes duplicate content.

Change keywords between landing pages.

Make sure each page title and description is different. Don’t just substitute words in the description, write each one different enough.

Make each page <link rel="canonical" href="eachdifferentpage.html">

Add them to your sitemaps.xml.

Submit your sitemap to Google Search console and make sure the pages all get indexed. Take note of any errors the Google Search Console gives for any non-indexed page, and action them.

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Its more than that, not sure if my comments regarding how google ranks is appropriate to talk about on this forum.

Yeah, I do SEO for a living, I’m not going to elaborate for free either.

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From Google’s perspective, a landing page is whatever URL the user starts their session on. You can use a noindex meta tag on a page to prevent Google from indexing it. That way only the “main” landing page will be indexed, and your SEO score won’t get dinged for duplicate content.

If you have multiple landing pages, and are A/B testing to figure out which page converts better, you can also set up a 302 temporary redirect with a tool like Google Optimize. So when someone on Google reaches the URL for Landing Page #1, Optimize can redirect half of those requests to Landing Page #2, and keep half for LP1.

302 redirects will be recognized by search engines as a temporary redirect, so it won’t penalize your SEO much.

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I’ll test it on a few pages, thanks.