How to insert custom code inside a part of HTML with include actual code?

Sorry but even with doc I cannot understand how use custom code. For example I want to include a link href inside a img

<div class=col-md-4">
<img src="nameimage.jpg" />

I want

<div class=col-md-4">
<a><img src="nameimage.jpg" /></a>

and without break the actual col setup thanks for any help.

Just replace the code that's in the Custom Code box, with the code you have in your post. It's as simple as that. The only difference you'll have is that you will need to manually reference or create any classes you need in order to style the items in the Custom Code box. So if you need to add any padding or margin you'll create a class in your custom CSS file and then add that class to the Div in your custom code box. There isn't much else to it.

I'm not familar with custom code 'cause I don't understand if the initial code is still existe or not... and not flexible. But Thanks you so much for your help. I will try more deeply to use is with your help !!!


Like what @jo said, the Custom Code component allows you to basically have free range HTML coding in it. You can only mess it up if "you" actually mess it up. But at least it does work with the Undo buttons above. Each point you save the Custom Code, that's an Undo/Redo point.

On another note, based on your example I don't know why you need the Custom Code component for that, you don't need it for something like that.


Hello Saj, as I said I'm not a high level but a graphic designer. In fact I don't find how insert img on a bloc and affect href link on this one just simply way. of course I don't speak about a element/object can have a link inside panel of BSS we can find on option panel with link.

anyway thanks a lot of your answer. I Like BSS ;) and just want use have more effective skills.

I success to include with Customcode, thank you about explain about undo/redo problem I was understood that too for this reason I open this topic on forum.