How to integrate your Google Sheet into a Bss table with just 10 rows of code

I have made a small example on how you easily can do it

here is a link to a google sheet

here is a link to a google sheet

so you can see how it works open the two links and fill in name country website and email in the google sheet and then refresh the bss design and what you wrote will show up in the table you can download the bss design and see how I made it.

have fun and stay safe

@kuligaposten Can you share the link of Google sheet and BSS files again?

Very nice idea @kuligaposten, you might want to post this in the Tips & Tricks forum with some permanent links. I’m sure others will get lots of use from this then.

Unfortunately nothings’s visible despite my having a Google Account.


Sorry, I never save examples, I post them on the Bootstrap Studio’s Cloud and it stays there one week.
Publish your sheet on the web go to your Google Drive right click on the sheet and choose get link. Copy your GoogleSheetID and list it as a rss feed with the alternative json. Now you have a JSON endpoint to your sheet. Use Ajax or Fetch to link it to your dataTable.
Not sure how to list your sheet as a rss feed
Template URL for using your Google Sheets as JSON endpoint

The number 1 after your GoogleSheetID is a tabID if you publish a sheet with many sheets that is the number of each tab starting from left
Good luck