how to link a email address and a telephone number

Hi there,

I have a footer with link able info, I have my telephone number and my email address, and would like these too be able too be clicked and be usable. Ie bring up a external pop up call now link or a email now link

is this posable/easy. do i need too create a new page for this of set like a link with a set bit of code...... any wisdom out there???

also on a form how can i make that work live too with email address ect

To link to a telephone or mail address you need to include the correct scheme as your link URL as follows:

For Telephone number its: tel:< insert-telephone-number> For email address its: mailto:<insert-email-address>

as for making an email form submit an email - you will need to add some PHP after you export your site.

thanks very much, I have managed to link a email address. telephone number is still not working on preview mode when i put in code. doe it need to be tested live

What have you added as the url? Can you paste the code here?

It should work in preview

in the url

this is in a footer section


tel:<447393876629> the email address link works perfect ive tryed variations on the tel one cant figure it out

Try having both phone number as +44 and drop the 0 then try as it works for me

Eg tel:+441234567890

Ok thanks

For some reason Still not work in preview mode in v3 or v4 for me...? Strange but

I am assuming the code will just when I upload to host thou as the mailto: code works in preview fine

I will let you know next week when new site gos live

Thanks again for help

And I really am loving bootstrap studio Going too see if I can get more creative with layout next using rows n colums