how to link header footer

hello, im a noob aha I'm making my website for my company and I dont now how to link the header and footer

let me know and have a good day

You should watch the tutorial videos in the link above. In one of the videos they'll go over Linked components where you copy a block of code between pages and paste it into another page as a linked component. So when you edit one pages header you edit all your pages headers.

Watch the videos so you can understand how the app works.


i dont find it, its only when i select a theme like clean sky that i see the linked component

What is it you're not finding? Just copy an element, then choose another spot on the Overview tree (at the bottom or top of the page) and click on one of those parts of the page like Header or Footer or something in between so it's not connected anywhere to anything that is part of what you copied. Once you click one to highlight it, right click over it and you will see the "Paste Linked" choice. Choose that and it will paste it there. You have to make sure you're not trying to put it anywhere within what you have chosen to copy which may be your problem? Not sure, but that's all there is to it.

Also, check to see if you're running a copy/paste app that manages your clipboard and turn that off if you do, then try again. If that's the problem then please report that on the bugs forum and give the details of computer type, OS type/version and what the app is that is conflicting is so they can see whats causing it. I had this issue with CopyLess last year, but that one's been fixed from what I can see now.

Unfortunatelly I also cannot find "copy linked" option. You just can paste and that's it. No such an option, neiter in the context menu, nor on the software menu.

I have finally got it. The problem was that the new page was not saved within the exhisting project. That is why there was no paste as link option.

Glad you got it figured out Mikhail, have fun with it!