How to make a fullscreen video background

Hi guys so im new to html and bootstrap i just want to ask how do i make a video background screen? like for example i have a hero and instead of image im gonna put a video. Thank you!

Also why doesn't my auto play work?

Try this thread

Most, if not all, mobile devices disable auto play regarding background video. Sometimes it works if you mute the audio.

That's pretty much my knowledge on the matter :) I don't actually work with video in sites so I don't really know all the ins and outs.


Thank you Saj, but im not really good at coding how do i mute the background video? thanks!

I have made and shared a component of the Full Screen HTML5 Video Background v1.

You should be able to create a new design in the app then go to the online tab (top/left) and type in "HTML5" and see the component. Click the install and then you can drag it from the Studio tab onto the new design so you can see it. Then you can access HTML pane (bottom/middle/left) and CSS (Design pane [bottom/right] click to expand, double click CSS file) to see the coding involved to either use or get an idea on how to go about creating it on your current design.

It was made with full Options pane (top/right) support. That's where you go to change the video settings (Gear Cog Icon). Your videos will need to exist on your web host server and that's the URL you use in the options.