How to make accordion items individually collapsible?

I want in my accordions the user to be able to collapse any item individually without being closed when another is opened. In code outside of BSS I removed the “data-parent” on the items and that worked well. Don’t know how to do it here.

I have tried to put classes in the “attributes” panel but that did not work and could not find a solution for it here in the forum.

Found it!

Just by replacing the data-parent is DID work.

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It is still not working the way I want…

Now my collapsable content is deciding for itself what tab opens initially?? On my example only the second tab opens at start and I cannot find out why.

I hope I can do these things with BSS without converting to “custom code”:

  1. How can I make sure what tab is open after loading the page (e.g. the first tab)?
  2. How can I make all panels collapse initially?
  3. How can I make all panels expanded initially?

On each Item Content that has the collapse class using the menu bar Accordion item choose either to Show or Hide for the starting default and that should cover all 3.

Hi twinstream,

Thank you for clearing this for me! All is working fine now and besides a good solution I also see the power of that piece of the menu bar, I have hardly used it so far :wink: