how to make donation page

Is it possible to make a link to paypal? I work for a nonprofit and its essential to have one on our web page. Any help, thoughts will be welcomed. Please note that we are total noobs in web building process.


You would need to create a button at PayPal for your donations which if you are a 501(c) it give you that option in the buttons setup. PayPal will give you the code to put on the website. As for placing it, you're going to need to learn some things before you will understand how that all works. I would suggest Googling for some tutorials and online classes for web design to learn the basics. You will need to know how to do some basic web design to use this app, it's not set up for the total noob. It's got a lot of noob friendly stuff, but there's still a lot that you do need to work with code on so it's not a total drag and drop WYSIWYG editor.