How to manage blog posts


I have used BSS to create a simple tools page as shown below.

I also added a section for blog posts but with BSS I find it difficult to automate multiple posts instead of manually creating the posts, then export to hosting as static files.

Is there a CMS that I can use to post as many articles as possible?

some option;

  • using strapi
  • use md files and some js line to render it as post (here is what i did before
  • brutal option, use spreadsheet :")


NodeJS + 11ty and VSCode.

It’s what I used to create my blog.
Fairly easy to setup (tutorials on YouTube and the 11ty docs).
VSCode also has a Front Matter CMS Extension for creating Blog posts.
Using something like GitHub + Cloudflare makes the processes of building and publishing easier.

You can try to also make Google Docs CMS, mentioned by Richards here on the forum.