How to normally edit CSS? Paste CSS from Clipboard?

How can I get a straightforward CSS editor with a cursor and no fancy we pamper your editing experience mode? I know what I do. I just want to edit my CSS code.

Pasting my CSS (maybe 100 lines) results in something like this:

Hello, from what I could see you included the CSS, but you didn’t include where it will be applied, see the top part of your image code and the bottom part, one has the element and a little code, the other is the code without the element.

All the { and } were lost when pasting.

Copy and paste the original code here, it’s easier to understand and help.

Ok, so, not using CSS every day, the code was actually SCSS and not CSS.

Compiling it to CSS, copying the CSS, and pasting works and BBS recognizes all elements correctly.

An error message would be nice, or even better, run SCSS in the background.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used BSS, I’m testing the new features.
I remember that I already used SCSS and it worked perfectly, but today I don’t remember how to use it, the help of other friends who use SCSS frequently would be very useful.

You just need to create a scss file in the design tab and paste your code in there.

Alternatively if you want to paste css from somewhere else create a css file (again in the design tab) and then right click to open it in an editor to paste in.

Ah… didn’t remember that. And BBS compiles the SCSS file to CSS then?