How to order a Reflow Product List by Custom Sort?

It doesn’t sound like an hard bug, but maybe an oversight (unless mistake, of course, I changed my glasses recently, I have to adjust myself). I don’t see any entry in the Product List’s options to sort the list according to the “Custom Sort” we can define on the Reflow platform.

On Reflow side:

On BSS side:

EDIT: OK, awaiting it’s exposed in BSS, I fixed all data-reflow-order as data-reflow-order="custom_asc" during the post export step managed through a shell script.

hi elroot,

Thanks for sharing this issue. I am publishing via the bootstrap studio and am unable to find a work around. I just looked in 6.03 and there is no custom sort.

maybe setting in the attributes manually ?



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Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We will add the missing option in our next update. For now setting a data-reflow-order attribute is a quick workaround.

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Yep, @martin answered just above… Well, being in intensive shell scripting these days, I even didn’t think about this more direct path from within BSS itself LOL °O°

@echo off
set sr=D:\ELE\tools\searchreplace\searchreplace.exe

echo Arrange products list in shop
%sr% %target%\shop\index.html date_asc custom_asc

very smart there with the shell scripting … just for anyone who looks here … the values i found were custom_asc and custom_desc if you as an attribute per the image above attribute called data-reflow-order

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