how to put a website in center of the screen?

I want to put my website in center of the screen. I think I can do it using BODY element. but I can not find Align or Alignment setting in Setting of BODY element. Should I need to edit css manually to put website body in the center of the screen? How can I do it?

There is a way to make the page content align to ge middle by making sure you use correct mark up.

For example aslong as you put your all your content in a 'container' then the default css will center the page.

That's fine Chris. I can use 'container'. that works only if you put 'container' directly under BODY. if the container is within a BLOCK, that does not work.

If container is within a BLOCK: if you reduce width of BLOCK, it left aligns the BLOCK. Then, again the question is how to 'center' the BLOCK. if you reduce width of container, it centers the container within the BLOCK, but the remaining portion of BLOCK is displayed in BLOCK's background color.

Ok if you are using block then what you need to do is add some css to your block class and set as

margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;

And that should keep it in the centre of the page

Or use margin:auto; for your block

This sites is always handy to look for references :