How to reference to file/folder on disk?

I need to use a script that point to a folder containing some images, but I cannot figure out how to reference the folder containg images.

I've a folder called gallery with some jpgs. Nnormally I would have written like this

<a href="./gallery/image.jpg"><img /></a>

Boostrap studio can't reference to a folder placed on disk so... how to do it?

You reference it as you normally would, but you won't see this working in the app or the preview because the file you're referencing is not inside BSS. There's no way around this at the moment, you just have to do it so that it works when exported.

We've been asking for a couple years + now for a way to use/reference external files within a local projects folder and have BSS recognize it, but so far no love. Hopefully we'll see this in the future not long from now.