How to remove image from the "Choose Image"?

After I imported an image with a spelling error in the name, I corrected the filename and reimported it. However, whenever I double click the image, and the list of imported images is shown, the image with the wrong filename is still there, and I can even select it to be used. How can that be, since that image no longer exists in the image folder.

This persists even after I restart BS. There seems to be no way to remove it from the "Choose an image" list? There is no way to open the bsdesign project file manually to remove that misspelled image?

You didn't say if you overwrote the image or not, is the new image named exactly the same as the old one so that it doesn't exist? Did you check the images list in the design tab to see if the old image was still there? Correcting it is fine, but if you didn't tell it to replace the old one when you imported it, then the old one is still there and the new one is named close to the same.

I corrected the name of the original file, and then reimported it to my design. That's OK, but the old image with the wrong name still exists and thus shows up in the "Choose Image" list. There seems to be no option to remove it from that list, which is strange.

Have you tried going to the Design panel > Images, right click the word Images and select "cleanup.." and see if the old misspelled image shows up?

Sounds like you didn't delete the old image though. Simple as that really. Anything you import shows up in the Images directory in the Design panel. Go there and delete the image you don't want anymore and that should fix that issue. :P

@Printninja, @Jo: Thanks for telling me about the Design panel. Deleting it from there works indeed ^^


I think it should be a no-brainer for the devs to add a "delete image" button to BSS's image browser. I've mentioned this before in the Ideas forum, but it was lost to the sands of time. I don't think it's even mentioned anywhere in any of the tutorials that you can right click on an image in the Design > Images panel and choose delete. Just like there's no specific mention of how to make a new page. They finally stuck it in the top menu under File > New Page, which is probably the last place a new user would look, since creating a new page has nothing to do with file activities.

My frustration is building. I'm going to take the problem of this program's abysmal documentation into my own hands soon. Just gotta get caught up on client work.