How to remove non-breaking spaces?

I have a text that is partly italic and partly a link. For some reason bootstrap studio seems to automatically insert non-breaking spaces before each change in text style. How can I remove those non-breaking spaces or disable this automatic behavior?


Resulting Code:

<div class="row" style="margin: 0px;margin-left: 5px;margin-right: 5px;margin-top: 20px;margin-bottom: 15px;">
<div class="col d-xxl-flex align-items-xxl-center" style="padding: 0px;color: var(--bs-white);">
Eine Reservierungsbestätigung wurde an&nbsp;<em id="confirmationEmailAddress">&lt;emailAddress&gt;</em>&nbsp;gesendet.&nbsp;<a href="#" data-bs-target="#changeEmail" data-bs-toggle="modal">Falsche E-Mail Adresse?</a>

Thanks in advance.

If possible can you give us directions on how to reproduce this problem? I imported your HTML in Bootstrap Studio and I don’t see automatic insertion. I can delete the spaces by editing the text, and no further spaces are inserted.

Thank you very much for your response. In order to reproduce my situation:What I did was creating a paragraph and then dragging and dropping an “italic” and a “link” component into the text (from the left hand side of the BS editor, not by clicking on the link/italic buttons on the top). This was necessary because with the buttons on top it’s not possible to edit the “id” of the link and the italic component.

I’ve also sent you bootstrap studio project file at that illustrates the situation.

I have the same problem (6.6.1), and is also replicated as above.

The only solution I could think of was:

  1. Copy a plain text space from a text editor.
  2. In Bootstrap Studio, select the non-breaking space.
  3. Paste in the previously copied plain space, replacing the non-breaking space.

It would be good to remove that feature of automatically adding a non-breaking space. It also adds a non-breaking space when you press the space bar twice. I’d rather choose when a non-breaking space is added, as can be done with shift + space.