how to remove previous and next buttons from carousel

How can I delete or control the location of the previous and next buttons located on the right and left sides of each carousel slide? In Bootstrap Studio, these items seemed to be locked with no way to delete or modify. I would like to move the buttons closer to the edges.<br /> Right now I have graphs on carousel slides and you can click and drag to resize the x-axis. The next and previous buttons are interfering with this.

you use CSS by duplicating the classes that you need to edit and putting them in your custom CSS file.

If you're talking about the small arrow icons, just highlight them, go to the responsive display tab in the options panel and set Display to none. You can also do the same to the entire carousel control by highlighting it and doing the same thing (that will also hide the arrow buttons since they are child elements.)

If you want to change the position of the arrows, you will have to target the .carousel-control-next and .carousel-control-prev classes and change their CSS rules.