How to reposition sidebar to the right instead of left

How do I reposition the sidebar shown in this example: How to Create a Sidebar Navigation in Bootstrap Studio to be on the right instead of the left?

Thank you, any advice is greatly appreciated!

This Forum category is for help with using the Bootstrap Studio software. You need need to post in the WebDesign Help category.

Basically, you need to change a few CSS rules in the sidebar.css files - the classes that have a “left” rule need to change to be changed to “right”, as well as the padding ‘padding-left’ declarations in the sidebar.js file. If you post this in the WedDesign Help category, someone might be able to give you a detailed walkthrough. Unfortunately, I cannot spare the time right now.

(BTW - have you checked the online library to see if perhaps someone has already modified this sidebar component so it’s on the right site?)